Equipment/Software list

Feature Name
ADA - Assisted Listening Capability
ADA - Assisted Listening Headset Device
ADA - Push Button
ADA - Workstation
AirServer Wireless Display
Apple TV
Cassette Recorder/Player
Compact Disk Player
Computer and Monitor
DVD Recorder
Digital Document Camera (S/HSB)
Dual Video Projectors
Dvd Player
Ethernet Connection
HDMI Input
Instructor Computer (Mac)
Instructor Computer (PC)
MediaLink Room Control
Microphone Input Capability
Microphone, Ceiling
Microphone, Podium
Microphone, Wireless Handheld
Microphone, Wireless Lapel
Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter
OWL System
Overhead Transparency Projector (B/T)
S-Video Input Capability
Screen (B/Hsb)
Slide Projector 35mm
Smart Whiteboard
Stereo Sound
Student Computer (Mac)
Student Computer (PC)
Telephone, Standard Handset
Telephone, Teleconference Phone with External Microphones
Touchpanel Room Control
VGA Input
Vcr Vhs
Video Camera, PTZ
Video Camera, Wall-Mounted
Video Conferencing
Video Projector
Video Projector (Overhead)
Video-data Projector (Hsb/T)
Wireless Internet
Wireless Presentation Remote
Board - White
Chairs - Plain Movable
Facilities - Carpeting
Facilities - Dividable Wall
Facilities - Power Outlet Nearby
Facilities - Sink
Furniture Type - Movable Furniture (S/HSB)
Lectern - Electronic
Room Type - Study Space
Room Type - Zoom Room
Table - Adjustable-Height
Tacoma Auditorium
Tacoma Computer Classroom
Tacoma Film Room
Tacoma Flexible Classroom
Tacoma Non-Flexible Classroom
Tacoma Seminar Room
Tacoma Tablet Armchairs